Meet Ana Clara

A True Eagle Leader

Meet Ana Clara Braga Ferreira e Sousa Nunes, LCA’s Student Body President

LCA is proud to shine the spotlight on one of our outstanding seniors, Ana Clara Braga Ferreira e Sousa Nunes. A student at LCA for two years, Ana Clara hails from Belo Horizonte, Brazil, bringing with her a passion for volleyball and a drive for academic excellence.

Ana Clara's Journey to LCA
Ana Clara's journey to LCA began with her love for volleyball, a sport she has been passionate about since the age of eight. Her desire to continue playing while pursuing education led her from Brazil to the halls of LCA. In addition to her athletic pursuits, Ana Clara has immersed herself in the school community, notably through her role in the Student Government.
Influences and Aspirations
Ana Clara credits her grandfather, João Pedro, as the most influential person in her life. He has instilled in her the values of strength, family dedication, and the importance of enjoying the little things in life. Looking to the future, Ana Clara aspires to deepen her relationship with Jesus and maintain the connections she has made at LCA.

Achievements and Interests
Elected as the Student Body President, Ana Clara views this role as her most significant accomplishment, symbolizing the trust and respect she has earned from her peers. In her downtime, she enjoys the thrilling narrative of “The Hunger Games” and the emotional depth of “Eleanor & Grey” by Brittainy C. Cherry.

When it comes to music, Ana Clara showcases her fun side with karaoke favorites like "Medo Bobo" by Maiara & Maraisa and Taylor Swift's "Blank Space."

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