Attend Layton Christian Academy with a Utah Fits All Scholarship!

What to do:

Apply for the Utah Fits All Scholarship

2024-2025 applications are now closed. We will keep you updated on new application dates for the 2025-2026 academic year. 

Connect with Admissions

Our Director of Admissions, Mrs. Angie Justice, would love to connect with you, provide a tour of campus, and answer any of your questions.

Apply to LCA

Complete our fast and easy online application process. This will help us determine class placement, number of teachers, and resources needed for the upcoming school year. 

Apply for the Utah Fits All Scholarship

Applications for the $8,000, per student scholarship will only be open between February 28th and April 15th, 2024! 

Every Utah Student Qualifies

Just your application alone makes an impact!

Be a Voice to Legislature
Every Utah Fits All application is a powerful message to our state's legislators. It underscores the growing demand for diverse educational choices, including private and homeschooling options. Your application adds to this collective voice, advocating for continued and expanded support for alternative education. The number of applications received for the Utah Fits All program plays a crucial role in informing our legislators about the necessary funding for educational initiatives

No Income Barrier
Utah Fits All is designed to be inclusive, offering scholarships without income-based qualifications. Although scholarships will be awarded to lower-income families first, all families do qualify, and if funding is available will be awarded the scholarship. 

Benefit for All
Applying for the Utah Fits All program extends beyond the immediate benefit to your family. It is a step towards fostering a diverse educational ecosystem in Utah. Your participation supports the broader mission of providing varied educational opportunities, paving the way for a richer, more inclusive educational landscape in our state.