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Meet Leonardo Lupiano

A Proud LCA Alumnus

At LCA, we are dedicated to not just educating our students but also guiding them towards their next great adventure—college. It’s with immense pride that we introduce our College Placement Program, spearheaded by none other than an esteemed LCA alumnus, Leonardo Lupiano.

A 2016 graduate, he expertly navigated the intricate processes of college applications and scholarship pursuits as an international student. Through his research and strategic knowledge, he was able to obtain the following scholarships:

  • Academic and Athletic Scholarship from Yellowstone Christian College
  • Academic Scholarship from Xavier University
  • Academic Scholarship from Oral Roberts University
  • Atkin Business Scholarship from Utah Tech
  • Business Department Scholarship from Utah Tech
  • Board of Trustees Scholarship from Utah Tech
  • General Endowment Award from Utah Tech
  • Merit Scholarship from Utah Tech
  • Alumni Scholarship from Utah Tech

His hard work and dedication culminated in earning two distinguished degrees in criminal justice and business management. Moreover, Leonardo's academic prowess led him to become Utah Tech's first international valedictorian, a remarkable achievement!
Now, Leonardo returns to LCA with a mission: to impart his invaluable experience and insights to our students. Under his leadership, our College Placement Program is designed to demystify the college application process, offering personalized guidance to help students identify and secure placements in colleges that best fit their aspirations and talents. From understanding the nuances of application essays to navigating the complexities of scholarship applications, Leonardo is here to ensure that LCA students are equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed.

Whether you're an aspiring engineer, a future business leader, or an artist waiting to bloom, our College Placement Program is your first step towards realizing those dreams.

Learn more about Leonardo:

Personalized College Preparation

Our program offers customized college prep services that cater to each student's unique aspirations, strengths, and areas for improvement. We believe in a tailored approach that prepares students not just academically, but holistically for their college journey. 

Expert Guidance on School Selection

Navigating the sea of college options can be overwhelming. Our experts provide insightful guidance, helping students select schools that align with their academic goals, personal preferences, and career aspirations, ensuring the best fit for their future. 

Scholarship Application Support

With the cost of college education rising, scholarships are more important than ever. Our team offers specialized support in identifying and applying for scholarships, demystifying the process and increasing your chances of securing essential financial aid. 

Strategic use of Academic and Athletic Scholarships

We understand that many LCA students are talented athletes looking to participate in sports on a collegiate level. We are here to help student athletes receive additional academic scholarship support, making the college dream more of a reality. 

Tailored Career and Education Consulting

Beyond college applications, we provide personalized advice on career paths and educational opportunities. Our guidance is designed to align your college experience with your long-term professional goals, ensuring a seamless transition from education to career. 

Guidance after College Acceptance

Our support doesn't end with college admission. We offer resources and guidance on internships, networking, and career opportunities during your college years and beyond, preparing you for success in the real world. 

Proven Track Record

Student Testimonials

Gaspar Quilaqueo, LCA 2023 Alumnus

"The College Placement Program played a pivotal role in the process of attending a University in the US. Despite missing the application deadline, they facilitated my acceptance into the school of my choice and assisted me in securing a scholarship. Their support has proved invaluable as I navigate college in the USA."

Vitor Watanabe, LCA 2023 Alumnus

"Thanks to the College Placement Program, I was accepted into an American University at a reasonable cost, even when the application deadline had already passed. They provided comprehensive guidance every step of the way, ensuring I had the support I needed to navigate the admissions process successfully."

Program Pricing

Fees are based on the academic year, customizable to suit your unique needs, and add on one-on-one consultations are available. Contact us to discuss more!
Freshmen, welcome to high school! We will introduce you to the basics of the college application process, setting goals for your high school career to ensure you're on the right track from day one. Start early and build a strong foundation for your college aspirations.
Sophomores, it's time to start thinking about the future! We're ready to offer guidance on academic planning and extracurricular involvement to strengthen your college application profile. Begin your journey with us, and take the first steps toward turning your college dreams into reality.
Our Juniors program focuses on setting a strong foundation for college applications and scholarship pursuits. We'll help you navigate the early stages of college selection, begin your scholarship search, and start building a standout application that truly represents who you are.
As you stand on the brink of your next big adventure, our senior program is designed to fine-tune your applications, polish your essays, and solidify your scholarship strategy. At $1500, it's an investment in ensuring you step into your college journey with confidence and clarity, ready to embrace the opportunities that lie ahead.