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LCA Online is proud to partner with ASU Digital.  
LCA Online is an innovative virtual learning program that offers students the opportunity to complete U.S. high school courses from the comfort of their own homes,  anywhere in the world! LCA Online is committed to providing a high-quality education that meets rigorous academic standards. Our accredited curriculum ensures that students receive an academically challenging and well-rounded education. With experienced and passionate teachers, we strive for excellence in teaching and learning, empowering students to achieve their full potential and prepare for future success.

Flexible Schedules: At LCA Online, we understand that every student has unique commitments and responsibilities. Our flexible scheduling allows students to tailor their learning experiences to fit their individual needs. Whether you're planning on coming to the LCA campus next year, needing a couple of extra course credits, pursuing other passions, or balancing multiple responsibilities, LCA Online provides the flexibility to create a schedule that works for you.

Personalized Learning: We believe that personalized education leads to greater engagement and academic success. LCA Online offers a tailored learning approach, where students have the opportunity to progress at their own pace and explore their interests. Our dedicated teachers and advanced learning management system ensure that students receive individualized support and guidance throughout their academic journey.

Enrolling in LCA online can give students flexibility to: 
  • Enroll in college classes
  • Get ahead and finish High School sooner
  • Take classes during any international visa delays
  • Free up time in your day
  • Complete or re-do any credits needed to graduate
Quality Education with flexibility 
  • Proven Curriculum used all over the United States
  • Regular Communication with teachers
  • Credit given by Layton Christian Academy and shows as a regular class on transcripts
  • Diverse class choices


At LCA Online, we firmly believe that high-quality education should be accessible and affordable for students worldwide. Our comprehensive curriculum, designed with excellence in mind, comes at an annual fee of $8,000 - or $4,000 per semester. This is broken down into two semesters, each consisting of six enriching courses that span various academic disciplines. 

We also offer the flexibility to enroll in individual courses at $500 each. This allows students to tailor their learning experience to meet their unique academic needs and goals.

Investing in an LCA Online education means investing in a future full of opportunities. We strive to provide a value-filled learning experience that extends beyond the classroom, shaping not just knowledgeable minds, but also compassionate hearts. 

$500 USD per 0.5 credit hour

$4,000 USD per semester

3.0 credits + 0.5 credit of LCA Bible

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