International Food Services

We understand that food is a big part of your students life as they come to study in America. Our team works very hard to provide well balanced meals while meeting the different schedules of students and athletes .

2023 Cafe Remodel

Seating in the cafe for 175 students
Our Cafe remodel in the summer of 2023 was designed for the students. Every wall booth has electrical outlets for laptop and homework. A great study environment.

Cafe Drink station

Water, Ice and Specialty Drinks
We recognize that students need access to ice, water and basics at all hours of the day so we created a space for

Cafe TV's

3 Large TV's for students
We Installed 3 large TVs so that students could watch sports during dinner and after school.  This has been a great way for students to gather and just "Hang Out".

Fire Place

A Place to gather
We wanted the Cafe to be a place to gather and build friendships in the evenings after dinner so we installed a grand fireplace to be to focal point. Students can just sit and hang out with frinds.