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Our school offers a personalized program for students to experience engaging curriculum, a dedicated support team, and a dynamic school community. Through LCA Online Program, students from anywhere in the world leverage LCA’s quality curriculum and instruction to receive a great education.
Layton Christian Academy currently holds 3 accreditations


  • Association of Christian Teachers and Schools
  • Northwest Association of Accredited Schools
  • National Council for Private School Accreditation
LCA Best Private High School

Accreditation and High School Diploma

Layton Christian Academy is an accredited program, ensuring that your student receives a high—quality education with transcripts recognized by schools, colleges, universities, and employers throughout the world.

As a complete, diploma-granting program, LCA offers US and International students the ability to earn a US High School Diploma certified through the State of Utah.

NCAA Athletes – LCA offers a selection of high school courses that are approved by the NCAA and can be used for NCAA athletic eligibility. For more information and a listing of eligible courses, please visit the NCAA Eligibility Site and use CEEP code 210712

Layton Christian Academy accreditations, ACTS, NAAS, NCPSA
LCA Online - Best Private High School

Online Faculty and Staff

While our LCA students learn virtually, from their own homes, our certified teachers will provide your student with:

  • Engaging, interactive, live online class sessions.
  • Small group sessions including group projects/presentations, peer collaboration sessions, group tutoring sessions, and opportunities for interactivity across subject areas.
  • Grading of all coursework with positive feedback and suggestions for areas of improvement.
  • Weekly office hours for student tutoring, support, encouragement, and parent consultations.

Along with teacher instruction, all LCA students receive academic advisement. Your child’s Academic Coach will ensure you child is on track, stay abreast of any academic concerns, assist with course selection, discuss your child’s academic and career goals, and help with college readiness.

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