Layton Christian Academy

High School

Welcome to Layton Christian High School

I believe that this school year is going to be our best ever and I am looking forward to working with each of you. It is Layton Christian Academy’s goal to provide an outstanding Christian-based educational setting that will minister to our students needs and enhance their academic success.


Our high school has some of the best faculty in the state of Utah and we are proud to have each member as a part of our team. We also have an awesome and growing student body with each student being actively involved in one or more school activities that help promote and develop school spirit, good citizenship and academic excellence.


I invite all parents to join us in working with the students to promote good study skills, set goals, and achieve a quality education. We want all students to enjoy a rich and rewarding experience at Layton Christian Academy High School. I am proud to be this school’s principal and thoroughly enjoy working with our students. Feel free at any time to contact me with suggestions or comments or please come by for a visit.


Let’s have a great year!


LCA High School Administration

National Honor Society

Students in Grades 9-12 are eligible to apply for membership into the National Honor Society at LCA. Requirements include having a 3.7 GPA after the first quarter of the school year and completing an application demonstrating community involvement, service, leadership, and good character. Candidates are selected by a faculty committee and inducted at a special ceremony in December.


For more information contact NHS Advisor Ms. Angie Justice at [email protected]

High School Curriculum

Layton Christian Academy seeks to integrate Biblical principles into its entire curriculum. To that end, the school utilizes Christian publishers in many of its subject areas. In addition, the teachers will endeavor to promote Christian values and principles in all activities of the school. The curriculum will be reinforced with supplemental materials, field trips, class projects, special speakers, and other hands-on activities.


The majority of curriculum we use in high school is from Bob Jones Publishing (BJU Press), a Christian textbook publisher that integrates God’s word throughout the day-to-day studies in which students are involved. Bob Jones is used for science, English and history courses. We use a series of books by Glencoe for math and a series of books by Holt Publishers for Spanish.

Foreign Travel

Streets of Spain

Next Trip: Coming Soon!

Each year LCA offers a chance of a lifetime to travel the world and visit wonderful countries.


Geographically, culturally, and linguistically linked – yet distinct in their traditions and histories – Spain and Portugal make fascinating neighbors.


In the landmarks of Lisbon, Evora, and Algarve, Portugal’s personality comes into focus. In Spain, a wide range of influences are revealed, from the Andalusian cities of Seville and Granada to the Catalan capital of Barcelona.

2018 – Greece

2016 – Peru

2014 – Australia


2019 – Italy

2017 – Ireland

2015 – Germany

2019 – Italy


2018 – Greece


2017 – Ireland


2016 – Peru


2015 – Germany


2014 – Australia


January Term

January Term is an innovative curriculum feature new to Layton Christian Academy. Modeled after the college January Term concept, LCA’s January Term is designed to increase learning opportunities for students beyond the academic curriculum. Students are given several classes to choose from each January Term. Some classes may include travel on educational and/or mission trips. Juniors and seniors may enroll in work internships during January Term. LCA will help students arrange internships locally or in other parts of the country or world.


January Term is scheduled between the first and second semester. The January Term school day is divided into two sessions, and one course is taken in each session. The morning sessions run from 8:30-11:30 a.m., and the afternoon sessions run from 12:30-3:30 p.m. Longer class periods allow students to take classes that normally could not be offered during the regular school day. Classes normally focus on practical topics involving hands-on participation. Students should check course descriptions carefully to select classes suited for their interests and abilities. Students traveling on educational and mission trips during January Term will usually take a week-long trip. Students doing internships for their January Term will normally work their internships for full days.

Registration for Classes

Since each January Term class can only accommodate a fixed number of students, registration preference is first given to seniors, then juniors, then sophomores, and then freshmen unless a course is geared to a specific grade level or specific student group. Students must select their first four preferences in case a particular class is full. Course offerings are released each fall, with the course selection sheet due on an announced date later in the fall.

Registration Tips

Trips for January Term are announced in the spring or early fall and may require separate registration prior to the January Term class registration deadline.

Students and parents should consult with the high school principal and counselor as they explore internship possibilities. All internships must be approved by the high school principal.


All courses, internships, and trips earn academic credit. All students are required to earn one full January Term credit per year to fulfill graduation requirements. January Term courses do not count toward fulfilling non-January Term graduation requirements.

Checklist for College Bound Students

1. Take the PLAN test in November of your sophomore year.
2. Take the PSAT/NMSQT test in October of your junior year.
3. Take the SAT and/or ACT college entrance exams during your sophomore/junior years.
4. Create a personal resume. This will be very useful when applying for scholarships.
5. Be involved and participate in extracurricular activities. Run for leadership positions
6. Read as much as possible. Your grades and test scores will both improve
7. Take challenging courses and get the best grades possible. College admission and scholarships are both based on GPA in core curriculum classes.
8. Consider attending summer academic enrichment programs. These are mostly available between the junior and senior years of high school.
9. If traveling, plan a visit to several college campuses in the area. Talk to students and advisors there.
10. Start looking NOW for a summer job. College is expensive
11. Talk to adults in a variety of professions. Start thinking about a college major and a career choice.
12. Be in prayer and seek Christian counsel about your decisions.

Teaching Faculty

The teaching faculty for January term consists of LCA instructors and specially-selected visiting instructors. The visiting instructors are accomplished in their fields of instruction. For example, a medical class may be taught by a practicing physician.

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Typical J-Term Classes

Below are examples of typical January term classes. Classes are offered based on the availability of instructors and on student interest.

  • Medical Practicum
  • Dance
  • Robotics
  • Mechanics
  • Snowboarding
  • Tumbling
  • Marine Biology
  • Film Criticism
  • Ice Skating
  • Self Defense
  • Sports Medicine
  • Construction
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Community Service
  • Cooking
  • Pilates
  • Drama
  • Cosmetology
  • Business Marketing
  • Photography
  • Interior Design
  • New York Trip (cultural study)
  • Yellowstone Trip (science study)